Fms 1/24 Chevrolet K5 blazer FCX24 Crawler RTR kit - Brown

€ 179,00

Model: FMS12403RTR-BR

Manufacturer: FMS

Every car manufacturer has several incredible and legendary models in its range.

In the SUV segment, Ford has the Mustang and Jeep has the CJ. At GM, that car is the K5 BLAZER.


In 1969, the first generation of the K5 Blazer came out of Chevrolet. It was the representative of the famous
Chevrolet C/K series and was the most compact real SUV on the market at that time.

The vehicle is positioned as a sport utility vehicle and is the smallest of the General Motors SUVs. It combines excellent off-road scouting capabilities with an automatic transmission, which reduces the difficulty of operation and
and improves driving pleasure.

Even people with no off-road experience can drive it with ease. More people can discover the pleasures of adventure and long-distance travel to unknown destinations. In addition, it was also the first to be equipped with built-in air conditioning, a luxury feature that was particularly popular with young people. By 1970, the Blazer was outselling all its competitors.

In terms of looks, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer clearly has the characteristics of American pick-ups. Only
only a four-wheel drive version was initially available, equipped with in-line six-cylinder engines
250ci, 292ci (4.1l, 4.8l) or 307ci, 350ci (5.0l, 5.7l) V8 engines, corresponding respectively to a three-speed manual transmission, a
manual transmission, four-speed manual transmission and three-speed automatic transmission respectively,
depending on the engine size.

In 23 years of production, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer has continued to evolve and remain one of the most popular 4x4 utility vehicles in America.
in America.

In addition to the chrome front and rear bumpers and grille, special chrome adhesives are an innovation used to replicate the chrome fillets

On the sides of the vehicle. The rear roof and roll bar (with top lights) are included in the box.

Remove the rear roof and you have a pick-up. SUV or Pick-Up, it's up to you!

It uses the FCX24 chassis, with a 130 engine size and a two-speed mechanical transmission
controlled by the third channel of the transmitter. The low ratio is 99:1, offering a very high torque output,
for extreme climbing, while the high ratio is 25:1, offering a higher top speed than any similar product on the market.
than any similar product on the market. In addition to enjoying the charm of mechanical shifting, you can also
you can also combine all kinds of play experiences on very different terrains.

The portal axles are another special feature of the FCX24. The chassis' minimum ground clearance is greatly increased
increased by the portal axles, giving it much better clearance than other products of the same size on the market.
than products of the same size on the market. This advantage becomes especially evident when climbing extreme
obstacles at low speeds.

A range of optional upgrades and modifications such as metal linkages, metal drive shafts and
metal linkages, metal drive shafts and brass wheel weights, etc., are available to go with the FCX24 chassis.
the FCX24 chassis. In addition, to further enhance the performance of the vehicle, these parts also offer a
also offer a variety of customised options, with one goal in mind: we want every player to be able to
enjoy it to the fullest. We look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

Key features
  • RTR (ready to drive) model
  • 2-speed transmission
  • rigid bodywork
  • remote controlled lighting system
  • Portal axles (metal sprockets)
  • Metal pinion steering servo
  • 4-link suspension
  • Integrated high strength nylon frame
  • Painted bodywork


235 mm


129 mm


128 mm


139 mm

Tyre diameter Front/Rear:

54.8 mm x 19.5 mm

Approach angle:


Depart angle:


Minimum ground clearance:

38 mm

Reduction ratio:

Haut : 24.75 :1 Bas : 99 :1


Brushed 130


LiPo 2s 7.4v 380 mAh


Approximatly 20 min

Radio set:

Transmitter G3 Receiver R3A

Radio range:

Approximatly 30 metres

  • Manufacturer : FMS