Land Rover® Series Deluxe Bonnet w/ Spare Wheel and Tire

€ 39,95

This is a set of Land Rover® Series deluxe bonnet w/ spare wheel and tire.

Bonnet with dish
1.9" Mileage Classis Scale Crawler Tire Gekko Compound Black 3.82" x 1.0"
Plastic steelie wheel (for decoration only)
Plastic bonnet spare wheel mount
Bonnet prop rod
2mm Scale Socket Driver Thumb Tool BRT10049
4x STCS3X6
4x M2x9mm scale hex
4x ST2X6
Product weight: 145.00 grams
Factory description: Boom Racing Boom Racing BRX02 109 Land Rover Series Bonnet with Spare Tire and Wheel Set
Manufactured by Boom Racing
Manufacturer number: BRX02320