Fms 1/12 Land Rover Series II scaler RTR car kit - Blue

€ 249,99

Model: FMS11202RTR-BU

Manufacturer: FMS

FMS 1/12 Land Rover serie II ready to run blue

The Land Rover brand has gone through several generations of evolution and innovation, and has
never stopped its pursuit of progress. In 2023, FMS has released a highly realistic and fully functional model of the iconic Land Rover Series II, faithfully reproducing this legendary off-road vehicle.
The Land Rover Series II is extremely accurate in terms of appearance, size and details, with a level of realism that is comparable to static models. The car shell is designed with scaled rivets, etched grille,door hinges, a fuel tank cap, engine hood support rod and other features, to increase realism. The front seats can accommodate three passengers, compatible with 1/12 scale action figures. The front windshield can be tilted down, and the hood and rear door can open to increase the model's authenticity.
To provide players with more fun and versatility, the Land Rover Series II offers two different styles of roof, allowing for three different configurations: a hardtop pickup, a hardtop van, and an open-top vehicle, providing countless possibilities for modifications. The product is equipped with a functional lighting system, which can be linked with steering direction, adding to the immersive driving experience. In addition, the Land Rover Series II is built on a durable metal chassis, capable of bearing various loads, and the suspension system can be adjusted by adding or reducing steel springs to make it more versatile and durable. The four-wheel drive and two-speed gearbox provide ample torque and power, delivering a thrilling and exciting driving experience.
Overall, the Land Rover Series II perfectly combines attention to detail with functional control, as well as the adventurous spirit represented by the brand. This product will become a collectible for Land Rover fans and off-road enthusiasts, satisfying the users' yearning for off-road adventure and style


Higly ralistic appearance

Body simulation rivet design inverted trapezoidal front grille

Fully simulated interior

Multi roof style

The roof can be replaced, creating different styles

Key features

● The whole vehicle adopts ball bearings, making for a more efficient transmission.
● Two-speed transmission, which can be switched freely.
● Four-wheel drive system, excellent off-road performance.
● The structural design of leaf springs and metal beams improves the load-carrying capacity and durability of the vehicle.
● Fully simulated interior with exquisite details.
● The vehicle lighting system includes direction linkage to enrich user experience.
● The hood, doors on both sides and the tailgate can be opened, and the windshield can be folded down.
● The roof can be replaced, creating different styles, and providing more personalization options


Lenght :

270 mm

Width :


Height :


Wheelbase :


Tire F/R Φ

 54.8*19.5 mm

Minimum ground clearance :


Approach angle :


Departure angle :


Motor :

 130 Brushed motor

Battery :

 2S LiPo 7.4V 380 mAh

Remote control distance :

 approx 30 M

Approx. Operating duration time :

 20 Min

Remote control :

 MG41-BS transmitter R4A1 receiver with ESC group control board

Composition Kit
  • 1/12 land rover Ready to run
  • tranmitter
  • USB charger
  • 2S LiPo 7.4V 380 mAh battery
What you need to complete
  • 4 AAA battery for the transmitter
  • Manufacturer : FMS