Sky Rc Q200 neo Quattro AC/DC Charger (AC max 200W - DC max 400W)

€ 199,95

Model: SKY100197

Manufacturer: SkyRC

4 output ports, 32-bit core processor, 1 to 240 interrupts, plus NMI, 12 cycle Interrupts Latency, here is the Q200neo

Quadruple the power impressively powerful, impossibly accurate

Experience a revolutionary charging process tailored for RC enthusiasts with the SkyRC Q200neo charger, boasting four impressive charging ports.
This advanced powerhouse redefines convenience by enabling four simultaneous charging of multiple chemistry batteries and powering with dual AC/DC input.
It delivers a remarkable total power of up to 400W with up to 10A per port. Additionally, it accelerates the balancing process among battery cells with an 800mA balancing current per cell, significantly enhancing the overall charging efficiency. The built-in high-precision balancer ensures exceptional accuracy with a remarkable voltage equalization optimization of ±0.02V.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, Q200neo guarantees that your batteries will always be ready to power your thrilling RC adventures.
Bid farewell to downtime and embrace the limitless potential of your RC pursuits with the SkyRC Q200neo charger.
Let the thrilling begin!

Unleash power on the go!

Q200neo packs outrageous performance, 4 independent ports, and AC/DC dual input into an unbelievably compact footprint, 60% smaller than its predecessor, Q200.
Whether you need to power up your RC car, fly a drone, or use ChatGPT on your new Mac, Q200neo has you covered!

This is the charger made for you - the Pro !

Innovation in Indigo: Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge with the SkyRC Q200neo, now available in a captivating indigo color.
Inspired by Silicon Valley legend SGI, who famously adopted indigo for their iconic products, this vibrant hue represents innovation and pushes the boundaries of what's possible. You're not only choosing a color, but also joining a lineage of trailblazers who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Dual AC/DC input: Efficient beyond.

Q200neo is designed to provide RC enthusiasts unparalleled flexibility in the garage or out in the field. You have the freedom to choose between AC or DC input based on your specific scenarios.
In AC mode, the charging power reaches an impressive overall 200W, dynamically distributing to each port. When powered by DC, the charger unleashes its true potential, offering an astounding overall 400W of charging power. With a single port capable of reaching up to 100W, you can power up your batteries with remarkable speed and precision.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned RC guru engaging in racing, Q200neo ensures efficient charging and optimal performance for your RC batteries.

Unmatched charging, impressive discharging

This cutting-edge charger not only offers efficient charging but also provides impressive discharging functionality. The built-in balance port enables Q200neo to discharge faster, allowing it to discharge at up to 25W when used in conjunction with the main port. In contrast, the discharge rate when using the main port alone is limited to 5W.
Whether you need to prepare your batteries for storage, balance their voltage levels, or safely discharge them after use, the Q200neo is there for you! This advanced discharging feature allows you to maintain the health and longevity of your batteries by precisely controlling the discharge process.

Versatility and protection

CC/CV power supplies are versatile because they can switch between constant current and constant voltage modes. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering delicate electronics to driving high-power devices.

Reliable Safeguard: With built-in Overvoltage, Overcurrent, and Overtemperature Protection, Q200neo can prevent damage to the power supply itself and any devices or circuits connected to it.


CC/CV power supplies are particularly useful for charging lithium-ion batteries, which require a precise charging protocol. Initially, the charger works in CC mode to restore most of the battery's capacity, then switches to CV mode to top off the charge while preventing overcharging.



20W PD 3.0 port

With the 20W USB-C PD 3.0 charging port, our RC players can enjoy rapid charging speeds like never before. Whether you're charging your smartphones, tablets, or 2020 MacBook Airs, this powerful port ensures that you can fuel up your devices in a fraction of the time.