Element RC Enduro Trail Truck, Knightwalker Red RTR

€ 439,00

Item number: AE40121

A POWERFUL VEHICLE FOR TOUGH OFF-ROAD USE. Anyone who travels off-road wants to be able to rely on their vehicle - and the answer to that is the ELEMENT RC Enduro Trail Truck!

The heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth® X transmission. From the outside it looks like a conventional three-speed transmission, but the inner workings are anything but conventional. With the Stealth® and rear axle of 1:1 (available as an accessory), and with option 2 an overdrive on the front axle of 11.83% (included in delivery).

The power is transmitted to the tires via three-part telescopic drive shafts with a middle section made of extruded aluminum, universal drive axles at the front and sprockets and pinions made of hardened steel. With the enduro drivetrain, power transmission is no problem.

We moved the steering linkage from the traditional position behind the axle (BTA). This significantly improves approach angle and front ground clearance, making rough terrain easier to negotiate.

The ELEMENT RC Enduro Trail Truck with Knightwalker body is ready for immediate use thanks to the powerful Reedy Power electronics. The extremely smooth-running and powerful Reedy Brushed Crawler motor with 16 turns and 5 slots as well as the water-protected Reedy Power metal gear servo ensure plenty of power in this beefy vehicle. The beast on the trail is controlled by our Flysky 2-in-1 receiver and ESC combination.

With all of these things in one box, the Enduro Trail Truck is ready for the trail. Are you too?

Chassis features:

BTA STEERING and ALUMINUM STEERING PLATES: The steering is now behind the axle, creating a better approach angle and more space. The vehicle also looks tidier. Bolt-on aluminum steering plates allow the user more adjustment options, more stability and better modifiability in the future.

INTEGRATED WINCH MOUNT: A winch is most stable and reliable when attached directly to the chassis. It is positioned next to the steering servo to ensure balance and weight distribution of the entire chassis.

THREADED ALUMINUM SHOCK HOUSING: These shock absorbers are threaded and filled with oil. This means the vehicle remains stable on difficult terrain and does not lose oil.

REEDY POWER CRAWLER MOTOR: The Reedy Power 5-slot, 16-turn motor provides high torque and smooth power delivery. This allows for slow, precise acceleration while maintaining performance over uneven terrain and obstacles.

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER (ESC): The Knightwalker RTR is equipped with a FLYSKY 2-in-1 brushed speed controller and receiver unit with a built-in LED light controller.

REMOTE CONTROL AND SERVO: The Flysky FS-G4P, 2.4GHz, 4-channel transmitter and receiver with ANT protocol along with a water-resistant Reedy Power 1523MG metal gear servo is the perfect setup to take the enduro on the trail to maintain control.

Body features:

STAY REAL. The ELEMENT RC Knightwalker 4X4 RTR features an injection-molded grille, mirrors, door handles, roll cage, light bar, and front and rear headlights to add to the realism of the deep-drawn polycarbonate body designed by James Knight of Knight Customs. The additional decal sheet includes additional overlanding graphics and sponsor logos to provide the Knightwalker 4X4 with a custom look.

Element RC has partnered with well-known aftermarket manufacturers to offer a particularly realistic product. These include: DeMello Off-road, KC HiLiTES®, Magnaflow and General Tire.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED WHEELS AND TIRES: A set of officially licensed General Grabber™ A/T X tires made from a high-performance, soft rubber compound pave the way. The General Grabber™ A/T X tires are mounted on Method 701 Trail Series beadlock wheels, so you don't have to worry about your RTR tires coming loose.

Out of the box, the ELEMENT RC Nightwalker is ready to brave the elements - your journey begins here!

ELEMENT RC Knightwalker 4X4 Body Features:

  • Deep-drawn body made of high-strength polycarbonate
  • Two-piece cab and loading area design with widened fenders
  • Clear windows, headlights and taillights
  • Lowered bed with roll cage and spare wheel
  • Injection molded body accessories
  • Highly detailed, injection molded headlight and taillight housings
  • Officially licensed injection molded DeMello front and rear bumpers
  • Officially licensed KC HiLiTES® light bars
  • Officially licensed 1.9" x 4.19" General Grabber™ A/T X tires
  • Officially licensed MethodTM 701 Trail Series rims
  • Includes sticker sheet with additional graphics and logos

A garage diorama is printed on the inside of the box. Simply follow the instructions on the inside of the flap and display your trail truck in style.

Additional features:

  • BTA steering (behind the axle)
  • Aluminum steering plates
  • Integrated servo winch mount
  • Threaded aluminum shock absorber housing
  • Stealth X gearbox with adjustable overdrive
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
  • Adjustable front tie rod
  • Universal front drive axles
  • Stamped steel frame profiles
  • Closed receiver box
  • 12mm wheel driver
  • Adjustable front and rear bumper mounts
  • Adjustable rock sliders
  • Two battery holders
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • Optimized ball sockets for smoother axle articulation
  • Adjustable rear shock suspension positions
  • Telescopic drive shafts front and rear
  • Drive shaft splines made of extruded aluminum
  • One-piece rear axle
  • Front axle with splines and adjustable caster
  • Milled drive sprocket