Element RC Enduro Trail Truck, Zuul Tan RTR

€ 419,99

The new ELEMENT RC Enduro Trail Truck, Zuul, is aimed at serious RC rock crawler enthusiasts and is packed with impressive performance features.

A POWERFUL VEHICLE FOR ANY TERRAIN. You want to hit the trail with power and reliability. For this reason, ELEMENT RC introduces you to the Enduro Trail Truck Zuul!

The Gatekeeper Suspension Package (GKS) consists of rear trailing arms that move the shock absorbers forward, providing more freedom in damper tuning and better weight distribution. Essential stability for your vehicle. By connecting to a rear stabilizer bar, an even more stable and consistent suspension is achieved on rough terrain. An adjustable aluminum tie rod bracket bolted securely to the chassis rail provides more reliable and responsive steering without flex on the Enduro. With our shock mount inserts that can be mounted in multiple positions, precise suspension tuning is possible regardless of whether the shocks are moved up, down, forward or rearward.

The performance goes even further. The Enduro Trail Truck, Zuul, is based on our proven Enduro C-Channel chassis made of stamped steel. It has the same fantastic features as its predecessor.

The BTA steering significantly improves the starting angle and the ground clearance of the front part of the vehicle. This makes challenging terrain much easier to tackle. With the StealthX, the rear axle ratio can be adjusted in three stages independently of the front axle ratio: As standard, the front axle ratio is increased by 5.7% (installed in the RTR). Option 1 offers an equal ratio between the front and rear axles (sold separately). Option 2 increases the front axle ratio by 11.83% (included in the RTR).

The power is transmitted to the tires via three-part telescopic drive shafts with a middle section made of extruded aluminum, universal front axle shafts and sprockets and pinions made of hardened steel. The Enduro drivetrain is designed for optimal and reliable power delivery.

With all these great features in one box, we know that the Enduro Trail Truck, Zuul RTR, is a powerful rock crawling machine ready to conquer the terrain. Would you like it?

Chassis features

STEALTH X TRANSMISSION: With the STEALTH Option 1 (not included) offers a 1:1 gear ratio and Option 2 gears the front axle by 11.83%.

ALUMINUM TIE ROD BRACKET: The GKS package includes an aluminum tie rod bracket that bolts directly to the frame and provides a stiffer and more agile front suspension and a more precise steering feel.

SHOCK MOUNTING INSERTS: The GKS shock mounting inserts provide the rider with the ability to adjust the shock angle, drop and ride height without affecting spring preload.

REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR: The rear stabilizer bar helps keep the rear suspension stable when driving over rough terrain and improves climbing ability on steep climbs or side hills.

REEDY POWER CRAWLER MOTOR: The Reedy Power 550 5-slot, 14-turn crawler motor provides high torque and smooth power delivery. This allows for slow, precise acceleration while maintaining performance over uneven terrain and obstacles.

REEDY POWER CONTROLLER (ESC): The water-resistant SC480X brushed controller is specifically designed for crawling and features proportional forward/reverse running, two auxiliary power outputs, LiPo under-voltage protection and a T-connector.

TRAILING ARM REAR SUSPENSION: The heart of the Gatekeeper Suspension is the rear trailing arms. This design moves the shock absorbers forward, improving weight distribution. Since the attachment points of the shock absorbers on the trailing arms and on the chassis are further forward, this allows for a larger window for shock absorber tuning and an optimized mounting position of the stabilizer bar.

Other chassis features

  • Steering behind the axle (BTA)
  • Aluminum steering plates
  • Integrated holder for a servo winch
  • Threaded aluminum shock absorber housing
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
  • Universal front drive axles
  • Stamped steel frame profiles
  • Wheel carrier made of 12mm steel
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Optimized ball sockets for smoother axle articulation
  • Telescopic drive shafts front and rear
  • Extruded aluminum drive shaft splines
  • Rear axle in one-piece design
  • Toothed front axle with adjustable caster
  • Machined drive sprocket
  • Metal ring gear
  • Milled steel shaft on top
  • Heavy duty steel links with 5mm diameter
  • Includes metal ball bearings
  • 25T steel servo horn
  • Adjustable front guide bar

Body features

HIGH PERFORMANCE ON A SCALE: Not only performance but also good looks characterize the Enduro Trail Truck Zuul. The Enduro Zuul is inspired by the design of classic off-road vehicles and looks fantastic off-road.

The new Zuul Trail Truck body features injection molded mirrors, door handles, grille, roll bar and KC HiLites light bar. A detailed decal sheet is also included, offering many additional features to customize the Zuul Trail Truck.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED WHEELS AND TIRES: A set of officially licensed General Grabber A/TX tires made from a soft, high-performance rubber compound ensure optimal grip on the trail. The General Grabber A/TX tires are mounted on Method 701 Trail Series beadlock wheels. No more worrying about the tires coming off.

Additional body features

  • Deep-drawn polycarbonate body in the style of pickup trucks of yesteryear
  • Narrow body design for more performance and ground clearance
  • Clear windows
  • Lowered loading area design
  • Adjustable injection molded front bumper
  • Injection molded fairlead
  • Injection molded winch dummy
  • Injection molded grill and signal lights with clear lenses
  • Licensed 1.9"x4.19"x1.4" General Grabber A/TX tires
  • Licensed 1.9" Method 701 Trail Series wheels



Drive source:




Body style:



1:10 scale

Assembly level:



462mm (18.19in)


236mm (9.29in)


325mm (12.8in)



Internal gear ratio:





*This vehicle is fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Some models may require a battery and/or charger.