Killwrbody MERCURY Chassis Kit Fit for #KB/48601 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Hard Body

€ 329,00

MERCURY High-simulated Remote Control Car-Chassis
Different from the traditional crawler chassis, MERCURY is a chassis that pursues the simulation of mechanical structure and driving posture instead of ultimate performance.

Its power system is located in the V-6 engine, and electronic equipment is located in the fuel tank. From its gearbox with two-speed gear shifting function, transfer box with partition transmission system, and differential mechanism device with jaw type differential lock, you can better learn about the charm of MERCURY Chassis for off-road vehicles.

Switching and combining the functions, the operators can find the flexible steering radius of the rear drive system, the driving ability and sensitive reaction under different road conditions as well as comer traction performance, all of which are helpful to overcome more obstacles after starting 4WD driving systems. It’s entirely special driving fun. In the face of ultimate obstacles, its jaw-type differential lock will lock, and the power will transmit to the four wheels synchronously, which the vehicle will transform into a crawler. After overcoming obstacles, its differential lock can be unlocked immediately by remote control, and the vehicle will not have any problems such as a large turning radius, rigid driving posture, or strong axial effect which a straight axis crawler has.

Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and Jeep, the MERCURY Chassis is designed to match the Killerbody LC70 and Jeep body shell. The front axle adopted 3-linkage suspension with coil springs while the rear axle has two suspensions, one uses leaf spring with a damper cylinder(fit for Killerbody LC70), and another is 4 -4-linkage suspension with damper cylinder (fit for Kilterbody Jeep Gladiator Rubicon). No matter how complicated the chassis structure, we must pay tribute to the classic, keeping the faith- posture is the soul of vehicles.

The LiPo battery with a duration of 60 minutes is hidden inside the frame, completely retaining the entire cockpit interior, which can't be found even if looking from the chassis perspective. MERCURY Chassis aims to present driving postures with more gentle speed, rather than fast driving on sand and gravel.


Dimensions: 490mm x 200mm x 130mm
Approach angle: 43 degree
Departure angle: 33 degree
Ramp break-over angle: 22degree
Chassis dimensions (assembled LC70 #48601): 520mm x 200mm x 200mm
Approach angle of chassis (assembled LC70 #48601: 37 degree
Departure angle of chassis (assembled LC70 #48601: 33degree
Ramp break-over angle of chassis (assembled LC70 #48601: 22 degree
Wheelbase: 313mm
Tyre: 23mm x 83mm 1.68-inch wheel rim
Wheel hub adaptor: 12mm
Track width (F/R): 173mm/170mm
Minimum underground clearance: 25mm
Battery tank: 93mm x 44mm x 18.5mm
Pre-assembled F/R axle and gearbox
Weight: 1500g


Chassis frame kit
Fuel tank and Chassis beam kit
Battery compartment shell kit
Engine and transmission housing set
Exhaust pipe kit
Axle set
Suspension system package
Steering server support package
Liners Fender Flares and Carriage installation fixing point
Wheel kit
Screw and toolset
Instruction sheet
Product weight: 2132.00 grams
Package size: 25.50 x 47.50 x 14.00cm
Factory description: Killerbody MERCURY Chassis Kit Fit for #KB/48601 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Hard Body
Manufactured by Killerbody
Manufacturer number: KB/48780