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With the new iCharger 4512DUO, the renowned manufacturer Junsi has completely technically renewed the well-known 4010DUO charger.

The new 4512DUO charger combines the advantages of the well-known Junsi iCharger 4010DUO with the latest technology and therefore significantly more performance and new functions.
The two charging outputs are equipped with high-current-resistant XT90 plugs in order to be able to transmit the power permanently.

The technical data is impressive, 2800W charging power (from >40V), 1-12s LiXx cells and up to 45A charging current are also enough for large batteries with high capacity. Of course, all other battery types can also be charged, such as LiHV, LiIo, NiZn, PB, NiCd or NiMh batteries.

The total discharge power is 200W (130W per output if only one output is used), but can be increased up to 2800W using an external load (discharge resistor). Of course, the iCharger 4512DUO also supports regenerative charging. Here, the battery capacity is fed back into the supply battery, for example from a full flight battery.

The balancer current of 4 amps total (2A per output) always ensures perfectly balanced cell voltages.

A USB-C PD port for charging smartphones etc (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) or for software updates is also installed. The Micro SD slot can be used to log data, but also for future updates.

The “Digital Power” function is new; an output can be used as a stabilized power supply. The output voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 50V, the current from 1A-45A (Please note that there must be an appropriate supply for this! )

A servo tester is also integrated, please note that an external power supply is necessary!

The menu navigation is almost identical to the well-known Junsi iCharger 3XXDUO, 45X DUO or 4010DUO.

A 2.8" IPS LCD display ensures good readability even in low light.

Instructions in English are included with the loader in the form of a CD; you can download the German version from us.

All Junsi chargers in the X and DUO series are developed and approved for use in model making. Industrial use is not intended and therefore not permitted! All Junsi chargers may only be operated on power supplies developed for model building! No AGM batteries may be charged in the PB program!

DANGER! In order to be able to charge for 12s, a 13-pin XH connector strip is required on the battery! There is NO balancer board included to be able to load 2x6s as 12, for example! (CB-12XH/EH)

The well-known CB-1010 can be used with the 11-11 wire for 10s as 2x 5s!

* Charging a 12S battery with 2 balancer plugs *
To do this, you need a circuit board with a connection cable that fits the battery and charger. Then be sure to follow the following sequence:
- First connect the charger to the power supply or a supply battery. If you are using a power adapter, turn it on first.
Watch out! Only when the batteries are correctly connected to the balancer board then connect them to the charger!
- First plug the first balancer plug of cells 1 - 6 "battery negative side, black cable" into the appropriate 6S slot on the board from the negative side, -
then plug the second balancer plug of cells 6-12 into the second 6S slot from the plus side "Battery plus side, red cable". Now connect it to the charger. If there hasn't been any flashing or smoking by then, you've done everything right!
- Now connect the thick red main charging cable "+" of the battery to the charger, then the thick black main charging cable "-".

Connections: Avoid short circuits, otherwise there is a risk of injury! This sequence described also applies when charging several batteries in series!
You are responsible for any damage or defects that may result from non-compliance!

Scope of delivery: 2x XT90 socket, EC8 cable to assemble yourself (counterpart charger connection)
Charging current adjustable per output: 0.05-45A
Charging current adjustable in synchronous mode: 0.05-80A
Max. number of NiCd/NiMH batteries: 1-32
Input voltage: 11-53VDC
Max. number of LiHv cells: 12
Max. number of LiPo cells: 12
Discharge power per output: 120W
Length (mm): 171
Max. charging power at one output: 2000W
Max. discharge power: 200W
Discharge power Max. in synchronous mode: 200W without external load
Maximum power: 2800
Charging power Max Syncron: 2800W
Balancer compensation current per output: 2A
Max. voltage lead batteries: 40V
Discharge current adjustable for energy recovery: 45A
Balancer balancing current synchronous mode: 4A
Input current limit: 80A
Max. charging current: 80A in sync. mode
Plug type input: EC8
Micro SD card slot: Yes
Integrated power supply: No
Plug type charging output: XT90