7mm to 8mm (Thin-Walled) Steel Nut Driver Adapterby Boom Racing

€ 7,95

This is a hardened steel 7mm to 8mm socket nut wrench adapter. Eliminate the need for an 8mm socket nut wrench. This thin-walled 8mm (10.5mm diameter) wrench adapter fits the Boom Racing XT6 V2 hubs. Use this if your vehicle uses M5 locknuts for the drive shafts.

Features a center hole for better torquing.

Non-Flanged M5 Lock Nut (5) BRASNUTM5
Product weight: 17.00 grams
Factory description: Boom Racing 7mm to 8mm Nut Driver Adapter
Manufactured by Boom Racing
Manufacturer number: BRT10056