Glider 3000mm Fox PNP Kit

€ 539,99

Model: FMS107

Fabrikant: FMS


The FMS 3000mm Fox is a semi-scale model of the famous full size aerobatic glider. And it is the largest model ever produced by FMS.

Featuring an impressive wingspan of 3000mm, the 3000 mm FOX is one of the largest wingspan production foam aircraft in the world. Utilizing FMS’ decades long experience in designing and producing model aircraft, the FOX has an ultra-efficient airfoil along with a 60A ESC power system- providing more than ample power for high-powered aerobatic maneuvers.
Constructed with FMS’ new snap-together design, the FOX can be easily transported and assembled at the field with no tools required.
Powering the Fox is a Predator 4258, 550KV motor linked to a 60A ESC and a 15*7.5 foldable propeller; when paired with a 6S battery- this power system gives the 3000mm FOX near-unlimited vertical performance- a rare sight for glider aircraft. Meanwhile, the surfaces are controlled by 23g high-torque servos, ensuring precise action and power for extreme maneuvers.
Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight are just some of the aerobatics that the 3000mm Fox could perform, the rest is up to the pilot!

Belangrijke eigenschappen

1. Large Wingspan
2. Powerful 4258 Motor, Predator 60A ESC
3. High torque 23G metal servos
4. Snap-together construction (glue-less and no screws necessary)
5. Fast assembly time(10-15 minutes)
6. A 10 second quick-release wing, easily portable airframe
7. 6S 5000mAh battery allows for around 30 minute flight time
8. Functional Flaps
9. Foldable Propeller


  • Wingspan : 3000 mm
  • Length : 1873 mm
  • Flying weight : 4700 g
  • Moteor : Brushless 4258-Kv550
  • Wing loading : 64,5 g/dm2
  • Wing area : 74,4 dm2
  • ESC : Brushless 60 A
  • Servos : 6 x 23g servos
  • Recommended battery : LiPo 6S 22,2 V 5000 mAh 35 C

Wat nodig is om aan te vervolledigen

  • 6-Ch+ radio system
  • LiPo battery 56S 22,2V 5000 mAh 35C
  • Charger


  • Fabrikant : FMS