DryFluid GlidePower XT 25ml

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The effect of DryFluid PowerGlide XT begins where other lubricants shows their limits. The result of an application is a tremendous reduction of friction, with sliding capcities dificult to imagine, even for professionals. The long-term effect as well as the smallest dust and dirt bonding were the main targets in the development of this product.

The extreme sliding action is based on the latest available solid lubricants and additives. With the help of an alcohol lubricant, components are liquefied and can be used in various fields of application. After evaporation of the alcohol, helping to have a very good penetrating, the high end lubricating film remains.

The main field of application of GlidePower are industrial and workshop applications. But it is also an inovative lubricant in household and hobby, sport and leisure.


GlidePower is useful for bearings, guides, hinges, joints, shafts, rollers... but also for tools, cars, locking systems, doors, garden tools, sport boats, bicycles....

Belangrijke eigenschappen
  • Lower friction even under extreme conditions
  • High creep
  • Wear reduction
  • Long term lubrication effects
  • Extremely economical
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely flameproof
  • Low tendency to dust and dirt bond
  • High material compatibility with all common metals, plastics and rubber materials
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties



Content : 25 ml

  • Fabrikant : DryFluid