Crawling kit - NEW MC6-B 1/12 Truck 6x6

€ 585,00

Model: CRO90100030

Fabrikant: Cross-RC


The Cross RC MC6 is a 1/12 scale model of the MAN Kat 6x6 truck, coming with a 45T high torme motor, full lightning system and many scale details. Kit version B.

Moulded high quality ABS cab and rear bed components.

The truck can also be fitted with the Cross-rc sk1 full truck sound system. Requires a 3rd channel to start stop engine or sound horn.

Comes with :

  • Assembled axles
  • Assembled gearbox with installed motor
  • Assembled wheels/tires
  • Assembled damper units
  • LED light set included - works with most modern radio gear

Belangrijke eigenschappenmodel Version AVersion BVersion Ccar doorSingle layer of injection molded parts,Double layer of injection molded parts, can openDouble layer of injection molded parts, can openFront interiorwithouthavehavelight KITyellow light ,Non-linkagelinkagelinkageTaillight rackdouble light three light three light dashboardplastic metal +Soft rubber sheetmetal +Soft rubber sheetFront and back hooksplastic metal metal cushion socketplastic plastic metal hubplasticmetalmetaltyre5000050009 new50009 newspare tireplastic hub +50000plastic hub+50009plastic hub+50009axleplastic+metal plastic+metal metal all shaftplasticaluminium steelgear-boxplastic metal metalSoundwithout have have +sound kittent withouttent holder tent holder +tent Specificaties



  • Fabrikant : Cross-RC