Cross Rc AT4 / JT4 Digital Shift/Diff Lock Servo

€ 19,95

Model: CRO97400883

Fabrikant: Cross-RC

AT4 / JT4 Digital Shift/Diff Lock Servo

Cross RC S011M digital shift and differential lock servo.

Operating voltage 6v-7.4v dc

Rated torque 6v 37.5in-oz, 7.4v 41.7in-oz

Max torque 6v 55.5in-oz, 7.4v 69.4in-oz

Speed 0.16 sec/60°, 7.4v 0.14/60°

Metal gear drive train. Water resistant case

DS–S011M. Dimension, 35.7*15.1*29.1mm.

Replacement for Cross RC AT-4/UT-4/JT-4/XT-4/AT-6/JT-6 or during build of an AT-4/UT-4/JT-4/XT-4/AT-6/JT-6.