Boom Racing Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 4WD BR8006

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Optional parts: Kudu Light Kit and Hood with spare tire are not included! But are sold separately. See our boomracing product page.

Kit weight 6100gram! 

  • This is the officially licensed Boom Racing BRX02™ Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 4WD radio control car kit.

    Commonly referred to as Series Land Rovers, it is arguably one of the world’s most iconic vehicles ever made. Produced from 1971 to 1985, the Land Rover Series III is unshowy, unpretentious, and classless; it is the car that you can arrive with at the Buckingham Palace, a rural farm, or an inner-city estate.

    The Series Land Rover survived decades largely unchanged, serving farmers and foresters, construction and utility companies, explorers and scientists, armies and airforces – in fact, everyone who needed a good, honest vehicle that would do a good, honest job anywhere in the world. It was a beacon of safety and security too. It was favored by the military, the police, the fire service, NGOs, the UN, the Royal Palace, the Special Forces, and explorers alike. This iconic workhorse discovered new regions, won wars, and saved lives.

    Regress to a simpler, classier time, and experience the ageless charm of this iconic vehicle. We’ve carefully studied the vehicle extensively and spent over a year designing and producing this scaled-down model. After years of waiting for such a model kit, the Boom Racing Land Rover Series III 109 has finally arrived.

    What is the BRX02 109?

    The Boom Racing Land Rover Series III project began with the BRX02 Leaf chassis as a starting platform with a 334mm wheelbase. We’ve made changes to multiple parts to retrofit this new classic body.

    These changes include using the slightly narrower BRX80 Scale PHAT™ axles, a new B2X™ anti-torque twist aluminum transfer case that is identical to the original BRX02 transfer case but has the additional feature of being overdrive ready. New 6mm aluminum frame rails for superior strength, chassis rigidity and predictable handling. A new stainless steel ESC mounting plate next to the front motor replaces the carbon fiber ESC plate at the rear end of the BRX02 Leaf chassis.

    To create a realistic scale appearance, the body sits slightly lower with 80mm KUDU™ scale shock dampers, and the front and rear bumpers were changed to the Series III design. The front bumper includes space for a fairlead, and the rear bumper includes left and right-side crossmember grab handles. The front and rear skid plate sliders for smooth belly transitions are now molded in nylon which adds durability and keeps the CG lower.

    One of the main challenges in designing this scaled-down Series III was to keep the wheels tucked inside the body at all times while having good steering ability with a full leaf spring setup. This was achieved by using the BRX80 Scale PHAT™ axles, plus an all-new XT502-Pin pin wheel hub that is narrower than the XT500 pin hub.

    The other challenge was to figure out a way to relocate the steering servo. Series IIIs had quite a significant recessed grill which interfered with the way the BRX02 Leaf chassis is set up. We designed a new servo mount and moved the servo under the motor, and by flipping the BCF2™ transmission motor mount upside down we created enough space for the servo and added a good amount of suspension travel.

    We fitted the chassis with the Mileage Classic™ 1.9” scale tire in Gekko™ Black (super soft) compound. This soft and tacky rubber is our proprietary compound which is used in many of our tires and is formulated for crawler performance and durability in rough terrains.

    With all the above updates, we’ve given the chassis its own new identity – the BRX02 109.

    The original BRX02 concept

    The BRX02 is our top-of-the-line scale performance off-road chassis. It is the result of continuous development and improvement of the highly-rated BRX01, developed in close collaboration with many scale hobbyists around the world. You can expect to build an ultra-realistic R/C model vehicle that gives you great performance straight out of the box.

    It shares the same drivetrain with the BRX01 – a top-quality robust driving system that has made a name for itself in the industry for being durable and efficient. At its core is the small footprint BCF2™ transmission with 2-speed, hi-lo remote shifting ability. The transfer case sits on a high-clearance skid plate that lifts the belly up for fewer overhangs.

    The BADASS™ heavy-duty front and rear steel axle shafts and KUDU™ center CVD driveshafts are durable, smooth, and capable of high articulation angles. KUDU™ driveshafts are rebuildable and have become the standard for all future Boom Racing vehicles. The BRX80 Scale PHAT™ axles use our proprietary AR44 heavy-duty steel triangular keyed bevel helical cut 30/8T diff gears, with the same but reversed cut gears in the rear axle to cancel out almost all of the torque twist from the drivetrain.

    The leaf spring suspension with KUDU™ 80mm scale shocks gives a realistic ride height to the Series III. Optimized for scale performance, it features a billet aluminum cylinder body for durability, steel shock shaft with titanium nitride coating, plastic pivot retainers (replaceable) for smoother swivel movements, high degree pivot angle for high-angle articulation, double X-Ring oil seals, with cylinder and friction seals to prevent leaks and contaminants from entering. The bump stop provides an additional level of bottoming control, stainless steel pivot balls for stainless, corrosion-resisting pivot rotation, and an aluminum pivot ball tool included for hassle-free maintenance.

    The leaf spring unit has a master leaf with three graduated leaves for suspension stability and adjustability. You may use up to four leaves for adjusting the rebound rate. Anti-wrap bars attached to the front and rear axles prevent axle twists, and realistic shackle bolts are included for the scale realism factor.

    The chassis is ready for an internal servo winch by installing the optional winch mount kit [BRD90110036]. A JX waterproof metal gear mini servo for remote 2-speed shifting is included.

    All hardware included is 12.9-grade alloy steel nickel plated screws, and rubber ball bearings are included.

    The Land Rover body

    Our interest and passion in Land Rover began many years ago. We meticulously studied the original designs of this classic iconic off-road vehicle, and our designs were inspected for accuracy and approved by Land Rover in multistage.

    This is a full hard body molded with ABS plastics. We constructed the body using the same design concept as how they were built in the factories back in the day; using multiple body panels to build the complete body.

    You have the option to build both the hardtop and the convertible. The parts are all included. We leave the difficult part for you to choose which one to build. The windscreen can be folded down just like the 1:1, and the bulkhead vent flaps can flip open and stay in place when the cabin gets too hot ;) The hood, doors, and tailgate are all hinged and can open and shut. The engine air intake has both right and left openings; you can choose to build a diesel or gasoline engine Series III by picking the wing panel with the intake.

    The body includes a fully molded ABS plastic interior, complete with a dash, floor panel, adjustable seats for different figure sizes, gear stick, hi/low stick, 2WD/4WD stick, handbrake, pedals, clear windows, wipers, door handles.

    Rubber side mirrors are provided for durability and can be mounted in two different positions; you can choose the mirror position by the model year of the truck. The mirror plates and light buckets are molded chrome plastics.

    The body includes a stainless steel front radiator wire grill for a realistic scale appearance.

    It comes with complete LED light buckets (ready for 13 LEDs); two main headlights, two front side lights, two front amber signal lights, two rear stop lights, two rear amber signal lights, one reverse light, one rear fog light, and one license plate light. An optional KUDU™ LED light kit (est. mid-May 2023) and dash light kit (est. mid-July 2023) will be available in the future.

    A key with the classic Land Rover emblem is included for the door opening.

    The body comes complete with scale screws (tools included), a decal sheet, and instruction manual.

    License Plates / VIN Numbers and how it works

    All BRX02 109 kits come with a pair of unique classic UK license plates that are numbered with matching chassis numbers, on a first-come-first-served basis. All BRX vehicles have VIN numbers. This unique pair of car numbers and VIN numbers can be used to register the vehicle on the Boom Racing website. Any future events such as recalls, maintenance-related issues, and promotional offers including priority pre-orders and giveaways will be notified if registered. For example, we have sent out free maintenance items to registered owners to keep their trucks running smoothly.

    Once registered, vehicle logs will be kept. New vehicle owners will be able to view the histories of their pre-owned vehicles. Vehicle ownership can be transferred from the registered owner to the new owner directly on our website.

    What's new on the BRX02 109 chassis:
    • BRX80 high pinion Scale PHAT™ axles w/ AR44 heavy-duty triangulated helical cut 30/8T gears
    • B2X™ anti-torque twist aluminum transfer case (Overdrive-Ready)
    • Billet aluminum 6mm chassis rails for superior strength and chassis rigidity
    • Forward stainless steel ESC mounting plate
    • KUDU™ 80mm Scale Shock Dampers
    • Classic aluminum front and rear bumpers for Series Land Rover®
    • Molded nylon front and rear skid plate sliders
    • SLR™ 1.9” Classic Steel Wheels w/ caps and scale hardware
    • XT502-Pin aluminum wheel pin hub
    • Mileage Classic 1.9" Scale Crawler Tire Gekko™ Black 3.82"x1.0" (97x26mm)
    • Optional molded nylon front and rear inner fenders
    • Optional molded nylon center side skid plate

    Additional BRX02 109 Chassis Features:
    • Highly proportional, performance-based realistic scale crawler chassis
    • Centralized weight and drivetrain layout for a well-balanced chassis setup
    • Proven robust drivetrain for maximum durability and performance
    • Transmission: BCF2™ 2-speed Hi-Lo gears with remote shifting
    • Front and rear realistic steel leaf spring suspension
    • KUDU™ 110-130mm heavy-duty steel CVD drive shafts
    • Chassis mounted servo setup
    • High clearance skid plate for superior crawling capability
    • Ready for Internal Servo Winch Kit [BRD90110036]
    • JX Waterproof Metal Gears Mini Servo for remote 2-speed shifting
    • Proprietary silicone sealed watertight receiver box keeps the receiver dry
    • Complete high-performance rubber sealed bearings
    • High-grade 12.9 alloy steel nickel plated screws

    BRX02 109 Specifications:
    • Length: 538mm / 21.18"
    • Width: 195mm / 7.68"
    • Height: 138mm / 5.44"
    • Wheelbase: 334mm / 13.15"
    • Track Width: 160mm / 6.30"
    • Axle Clearance: 30mm / 1.18"
    • Skid Clearance: 50mm / 1.97"
    • Weight: 2115g / 4.66lbs
    • Shock Length: 80mm / 3.15"
    • Motor Size: 540/550 (not included)
    • Gear Pitch: 9T 32P Pinion/Spur, 48P T-Case (9-14T)
    • Drive System: full-time shaft-driven 4WD
    • Steering: chassis mounted servo
    • Suspension: front and rear leaf spring suspension with dampers

    Body Features:
    • Officially licensed by Jaguar Land Rover
    • Approved by Jaguar Land Rover for quality and scale accuracy
    • Full molded ABS hard body construction
    • Extremely detailed body lines and realistic proportions
    • The body is constructed like the 1:1 truck using multiple scaled-down body panels
    • Your choice of hardtop and convertible, both included
    • Adjustable flip-down windscreen with hinges
    • Bulkhead vent flaps can flip open and stay in position
    • Opening-hood, doors, and tailgate with door hinges
    • Stainless steel front radiator wire grill
    • The engine air intake has right and left openings; your choice to build a diesel or gasoline engine Series 3
    • Full interior with a dash, floor panel with seats, gear stick, hi/low stick, 2WD/4WD stick, handbrake, pedals
    • ABS-molded clear windows
    • Adjustable seat position to fit different figure sizes
    • Molded rubber side mirrors for durability
    • Side mirrors can be mounted in two locations, it’s your choice!
    • Molded adjustable wipers and door handles
    • The rear bed has ten attachable side rope hooks
    • Chrome parts including mirrors and front light buckets
    • Full light buckets (ready for 13 LEDs); 2x main headlights, 2x front side lights, 2x front amber signal lights, 2x rear stop lights, 2x rear amber signal lights, 1x reverse light, 1x rear fog light, 1x license plate light
    • Optional KUDU LED Body Light Kit (est. mid-May 2023)
    • Optional dash KUDU LED Dash Light Kit (est. mid-July 2023)
    • Key with classic Land Rover emblem for door opening
    • Full scale screws with tools
    • Full decal sheet and manual

    Mini Servo Specifications:
    • Brand: JX Servo
    • Model: JX/PDI-HV1151MG
    • Working voltage: 6V~8.4V
    • Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
    • Dead band: 4usec
    • Motor type: Core Motor
    • Signal booster type: Digital
    • Gear material: Metal gear
    • Operating Speed: 0.12s/60deg (6.0V) | 0.10s/60deg (8.4V)
    • Stall Torque: 3.5kg/cm (6.0V) | 4.5kg/cm (8.4V)
    • Idle Current: 150mA (6.0V) | 180mA (8.4V)
    • Load Current: 260mA (6.0V) | 340mA (8.4V)
    • Size: 23.2 x 12.5 x 25.6mm
    • Weight: 15g
    • Tooth Count: 25
    • Wire length: 310mm JR plug
    • Black: Negative Red: Positive White: Signal

    All pre-orders get a set of Land Rover® Series deluxe bonnet w/ spare wheel and tire.

    • Deluxe bonnet with dish
    • 1.9" Mileage Classis Scale Crawler Tire Gekko Compound Black 3.82" x 1.0"
    • Plastic steelie wheel (for decoration only)
    • Plastic bonnet spare wheel mount
    • Bonnet prop rod
    • 2mm Scale Socket Driver Thumb Tool BRT10049
    • 4x STCS3X6
    • 4x M2x9mm scale hex
    • 4x ST2X6
  • Product weight: 5400.00 grams
  • Package size: 23.00 x 51.00 x 23.00cm
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Boom Racing BRX02 109 Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 4WD Radio Control Car Kit
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BR8006