1500mm Maule PNP w/ Float & Relflex system

€ 339,95

Model: FMS114F

Manufacturer: FMS

The world is always full of non-conformists, and Maule was one of them. Would you believe it? While the whole world wanted to go higher and faster, Maule wanted the opposite: to fly slower and lower... And he did!

The 1500mm FMS Maule closely replicates the low speed behaviour and short take-off and landing (STOL) characteristics of the real Maule. Aided by lightweight and durable EPO foam and functional flaps, the Maule FMS is capable of taking off in just three metres.

In keeping with the product concept of "perfect appearance, excellent performance", the Maule FMS includes many model details. From the crystal-clear cabin windows and interior decoration to the moulded structural lines, antennas, rivets, turbulators and functional LED lighting, the Maule FMS pushes the boundaries of the level of reproduction that can be achieved in an aircraft of the same size and type.

The Maule can be equipped with two types of landing gear: a set of wheels or a set of floats, to conquer any terrain. The pre-installed LiPo 3S or 4S compatible brushless motorisation package delivers great power to fly from smooth surfaces as well as from rough runways, thanks to its oversized wheels, or from water with the included floats.


Take off in 3 meters


Does not need glue for assembly with screws, you can assemble it faster


Key features

  • Power configuration: high-performance 3541 motor, 40A ESC.
  • Scale details: cockpit interior, pilot, molded panel lines, antennas, rivets, vortex generators
  • Glue-free assembly
  • Functional flaps for low-speed handling and shorter takeoffs and landings (STOL)
  • Factory installed and operational LED lighting
  • Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
  • Plug-in, two-piece wing design with folding wing struts
  • Oversized tires and heavy-duty wire landing gear
  • Optional float set included with steerable water rudder for taking off and landing on water

SpecificationsCG (Center of Gravity)55-65mmCompletion LevelBind-N-Fly BasicFlapsYesPower TypeElectricLanding GearYesMaterialFoamMinimum Required Radio5+ (Sold Separately)Motor Size1050 kvProduct Length43.3 in (1100mm)Propeller Size11 x 7ReceiverIncludedRecommended Motor Battery2200-3200 3-4S LiPoRetractsNoServos6 (Installed)Speed ControlIncludedWing Area557 sq in (35.9 sq dm)Wingspan59 in (1500mm)